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Malawi > Activities > Tisunge – Lower Shire Heritage Centre

Tisunge – Lower Shire Heritage Centre

Tisunge – Lower Shire Heritage Centre
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Preserving the natural beauty of Malawi is a priority in the Lower Shire Valley that houses three national parks and wildlife reserves. A heritage centre has been built at the gate of the park and Tisenge! is the name of the project which means “Let us preserve” in Chi Chewa. Tisunge! is an initiative by two of Malawi’s national institutions and the foundation Stichting Mlambe in the Netherlands. The centre was originally intended to become the place where Malawians and foreigners can keep up to date with reference to the Lower Shire's natural and cultural heritage. Follow the river down to the lowest areas of Malawi where the spirits and heritage is held high at altitudes below 50 metres above sea. The Lower Shire Heritage Centre consists of a small museum, arts and craft shop, research and children’s library, open plan meeting area and an ablution block at the entrance of Lengwe National Park, which is where the Lundu kings reputedly had their capital. They ruled the Lower Shire Valley and surrounding area from the 13th to the mid 19th century and the current Paramount Chief Lundu still resides in the same place.

Many ethnographic objects, from traditional and modern culture, have been collected in the villages and together with archaeological findings and the history and environment of the park, the exhibit is spell-bounding. True to its motto, the centre aims to promote natural and cultural resource awareness and conservation in the Lower Shire Valley in close collaboration with local community based organizations.

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